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Date: 15-04-2022

Medical Tourism Visa to India: Detailed Information

Indian with the rising number of healthcare qualified staff & Medical qualified doctors have taken a leap in the world . It has led to the Innovation on the medical platform with cost effective medical treatments and open boundaries encouraged by the Government authorities .All this have encouraged Medical Tourism bound to India.


If we calculate and compare the cost of medication in India is far lower than the European & American countries. For example a state of the Heart Surgery is just $2000 In India in comparison to the Average cost in USA i.e., $90,000.


Similarly Other Treatments If We Compare Gastro Bypass Surgery


USACosta RiceSouth KoreaIndia


That is the reason world is looking at India for the medical treatments . As well an add on tours and shopping which is surely cheaper than the other foreign locations. Here Medical Tourism and Healthcare facilitation Is wisely planned with the cost savage for the accompanying family members like accommodation and transport . Usually Private accommodation and hygienic meal outlets are easily available and planned around the hospitals to make it more cost effective and approachable


Even the Government is supporting the agenda of Medical Tourism and issuing Specialised Medical Tourist Visa for India. The Government is keeping the formalities all the same & not bias with the nationality whether you are resident of Africa, Australia, USA, UK, Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan or else.


Hence ay foreign National can come to India and avail medical Visa & get treated with the world class medical facilities , doctors & Modern technology at a much less cost than the other locations .


The Government is clear of the fact this is not a leisure tour with a stipulated and fixed itinerary but a medical procedure which could trouble some and extend than the prescribed time by the doctor and hospital.


India Government VISA Granting Authorities And Span


Initially Government grant it for a year only with maximum three visits . However if there is a requirement again than it would be granted by Ministry of Home affairs solely on the recommendation and advice of the State Government or the Foreign Regional Registration Officer (FRRO). This all will be additionally enclosed with the medical documents.


Essential Requirements


If you are sick than India is an economical and cost effective place to be treated. There are some of the concerns which we need to consider as part of the guidelines.


For the Patients coming from Kenya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Israel, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia should have Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate. Travellers from these countries should have Oral Polio Certificate (OPV) which has to be taken 06 weeks prior to the entry. THE OPV is mandatory obligation for the adult and children.


In order to ascertain and confirm the Medical Visa. The Indian Mission and Posts will check and authenticate the documents regardless of your country of origin. Apart from this they will also have to submit the medical history that they have received in their own country and communication exchanged with the Hospital/Doctor & the final plan they opted to travel to India for the specialized treatment.


The most important point to note is that medical treatment is allowed and further medical visa is granted only on the basis of treatment provided by the reputable and recognized medical centres.


Paperwork And Documentation Needed To Get A Medical Tourism Visa


Here is a list of important documents you would need to submit in order to apply for a medical tourism visa:


  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Recent Passport size photographs.
  • Photocopy of the passport.
  • For applicants under the age of 18, a non-objection certificate signed by both parents is needed.
  • Copy of the online visa application form.
  • Proof of residential address.
  • Proof of required funds.
  • Recommendation from the home country doctor to visit particular specialised medical centre for treatment.
  • Medical documents of the treatments that are done.
  • Passport copy of attendant.
  • Proof of relation with attendant.


Above documents are mandatory for the compliance in order to obtain the medical Visa. Above are routine papers only which lead to final quality treatment at a most cost effective cost

Procedure Of Application


Visa application procedure is same for Medical Tourist Visa or Normal Tourist Visa. The Only point of Difference here is that for the Purpose of visit for entering India will be *Availing Medical Treatment*. Once you that, you would further fill the form Nature of Disease and you opted for India.


Cost Of Medical Tourism Visa


Country to country Visa fee Varies - Different countries have different cost


Different countries have different systems to go through, so as to avail a medical visa, and this might reflect in the costing.


For US and UK nationals, the medical visa to India fees work out as below


1- US - (12 months - triple entry)


  • Consular fee - $140
  • ICW fee - $3
  • Service fee - $4.70
  • TOTAL = $147.70


2- US (6 months - triple entry)


  • Consular fee - $100
  • ICW fee - $3
  • Service fee - $4.70
  • TOTAL = $107.70

3- Uk (12 months or 6 months - triple entry)


  • Consular fee - $129
  • ICW fee - $3
  • Service fee - $4.70
  • TOTAL = $136.70

To Sum up all - The medical treatment at a most cost effective prize with all modern technology and quality doctors India is the only place.


The only thing as a buyer is you need to find out an appropriate and trustworthy window that caters to all your requisites in foreign land. Visa will not be an issue if you are genuine, availing medical help and facilitating Medical Tourism is company's. Look for India Tourism with healthcare facilitator who could cater to all your needs with high impact and medical contacts at minimum cost.

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