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Booking Process

As you have made up your mind and planning for the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, refer our Travel Guidelines & understand your desirable route bound to the region.

Step 1 : Opt For The Package

First Choose and Opt for the package based upon the buget/health and age reasonsas all go hand in hand.

Overland Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Ex Kathmandu
Overland Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Ex Gorakhpur 
Helicopter / Flight combined package ex Kathmandu 
Helicopter / Flight combined package ex Lucknow 
Ex Kathmandu Lhasa Route 
Ex Kathmandu /Lhasa Ali route

Popular Overland / Bus package ex Kathmandu is for 14 days via Kerung Border 

Best time to go: May- September (Depends on road conditions)

This is slow and steady route with long drives ex Kathmandu with Pashupati Darsahan. Upto the border Nepali bus would ply and after crossing the border Chinese delux coach will be changed with comfortable luxury coach.This package have 02 Parikramas Mansarovar lake and Kailash Parvat.

Comfortable and time saving Helicopter/flight route 

Nepalganj - Simikot - Hilsa 
Best time to go: May, June, September (July- beginning tours are affected due to clouds and monsoon)

The conduction of this route has advantage of saving time and energy since the route is conducted by flights and Helicopter majorly . The route is relatively expensive than the bus/overland package . The route can be conducted ex Kathmandu with pashupati darshan or ex Lucknow saving 2 Nights of Kathmandu.

02: country tour Nepal and Lhasa combined Kailash Darshan EX Kathamndu

Best time to go: May- September (Subject to road conditions)

This route has advantage where 2 countries can be covered Nepal Kathmandu and Lhasa sightseeing and you travel by road via Lhasa to Kailash mansarovar. The route can be completed in 15 days time with both the Parikramas . Ex Kathmandu it is relatively expensive than other route.

Premium /VIP Route Chartered route Ex Lucknow /Nepalganj 5-6 days

Best time to go: May- September (dependent of Weather)

This route require minimum 5 pilgrims ex Nepalganj and quite customerized and expensive route. With this route Kailash & Mansarovar glimpse and holy dip in the lake can be observed. Via Helicopter route with limited duration you do not have Kailash Parikrama.

Step 2 :  Select Your Departure Date (Full Moon Or Other Dates)

Selecting a departure date is very important according to the kind of an experience you want to have. Route to Kailash is difficult to do during winter time so we do not conduct Kailash Mansarovar yatra b/w Novemener to April.

One of the popular options for date selection is the full moon departure schedule.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Moon Departure

Plus Point 
Festivals fall on full moon like Raksha Bandhan , Guru Purnima and Saga Dawa etc.
Full-Moon in Mansarovar: Pilgrims prefer doing Puja  during the Full Moon (Purnima)

Scenic & beautiful view of full moon over Mount Kailash

Auspicious Parikrama / Kora during Full-moon

Minus Point 

There are limited flights and when there are more pilgrims during full moon than there is caos and if something goes wrong with the weather than we have no choice but to stay at a particular location unless things are clear and systematic for us. This may lead to vulnerable complications and you miss full moon visit as well

We usually prepare 2 dates for Kailash Mansarovar in order to combat the rush where one can observe the Kailash on full moon while coming back (group one) and another while going (group two).

OVERLAND route has more advantage here since the route is less prone to the weather condition than the helicopter route.

Step 3 : Processing Advance Payment

We collect advance payment of INR20,000 (Indian Nationals) /US$500 (equivalent INR/NPR depending upon the ROE) to the office account: 

A/C NUMBER: 12202560000897
Branch :M 39, Outer Circle
BRANCH ADDRESS: M 36, Outer Circle, Opposite Super Bazar, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001


BANK NAME : Everest Bank Ltd. 
Account Title:Nepal Tourism Package Pvt. Ltd
Account Number:01200105200858
Branch Address: Pulchowk Branch
Swift code: EVBLNPKA

(Bank charges will be borne by the Guest)

Once you have filled up the required details in the form and made the payment, a UTR Number is generated. You will then need to send the UTR Number to to confirm your payment.

Step 4 : Booking Form

After you have made your booking payment, you will need to fill up our booking form. You can find our


In the booking form, you will need to provide us with your personal details, contact details and emergency contact details. You will need to clearly mention the package name in the booking form. You will have the option to include add-on packages to your package with additional costs.

Add-on packages are short experiences like Mountain Flights, Muktinath Darshan, Manokamna or Janakpur and others. Some additions to your package will be more expensive, and would increase the duration of the tour.

The booking form is very easy to fill where you need to add your contact details and one emergency contact while you are on tour (whom to contact in emergency) . You will also want to read our terms and conditions available in the booking form to understand what risks and liabilities are borne by NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. and what aren?t.

Step 5 : Other Essential Requirements

Once you are done filling up our booking form, you will need to arrange the additional requirements for the booking process. Following are the additional requirements:
Colored Passport Copies

02 photos colored (refer passport link for the Non Indian Nationals)

Travel Insurance (although not mandatory till date) 
Send the colored copies of your passport attached with your booking form as it is necessary for permit application with booking form by courier .

Kailash Yatra 
NTP Tourism Affairs Limited
S11 (01 A) Star City Mall, Dist. Centre, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi - 110091

Step 6 : Permit Application And Visa

NTP will handle all the permits pertaing to the yatra , with the advance deposit money & passport copies .

We should receive Indian Nationals original passport 15 days before arrival .

Non Indian Nationals will take Nepal visa (upon arrival or bring from home country) and than after arrival we will collect original passport to obtain China visa

Step 7 : Payments

You will have to make the full payment before 40 days of the trip. The payment details mentioned in following link:

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