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Terms And Conditions

“NTP Credible Since 1986”

Terms of Services

Thanks for using the services of The services are provided by NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. (referred as ‘Company’ hereafter), located at, S11, Star City Mall, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi - 110091

By using our services, you are agreeing to the terms mentioned below. Please read them carefully.

Kailash Yatra Terms & Conditions shall apply for all the Kaialsh Yatra Programs

Please refer Corporate Terms and Conditions for the Additional Components of the Yatra.

Corporate Terms and Conditions –

Nepal Tourism Package / Kailash Yatra A/c NTP Tourism Affairs Limited here furnishing Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra, booking requisites for Yatra- 2023. Booking conditions are laid in the Reservation Form requested for a thorough Understanding by those intending to book yatra. NTP has assurance for quality and utmost cares through its offices in select best delegated assignments, NTP promises encompass wholesome Pilgrim cares which commence immediately as you book For a most accomplishing yatra, NTP undertakes to prepare pilgrims for a most accomplishing divine attainments for this it cares through bulletin for physical and spiritual health, alongside exchanging yatra-itinerary tips to improve in every possible arena.

Why NTP is most sought after lies in its massive cares, India / Delhi- offices care the reservations, visas and overall management while NTP Nepal offices undertake the wholesome operational cares from Nepal entry of NTP guests till they return all safe sound and happy, Well mannered robust care takers care our guests during operations yet NTP command and control through its tracking monitor all the said, committed, desired and required is met with to all and at places.

*NTP acknowledges limited bookings for each date it has classified, Submission of Form require subscriber’s undertaking duly Signed and Acknowledged for the Yatra – 2023, NTP shall reciprocate all such bookings ‘Reconfirmed as Priority Booking’ by the NTP abiding by its promises shall bear all the responsibilities within realm and its liability, any dereliction on its part wish no opportunity however our subscribers are privileged to question and get their deserving due.

Important Quotes for Subscribers to Care & Undertake:-

Tour being accepted on the condition that you will travel with the group at all times. Free travelling on your own is not permitted in Tibet Region –

1)         It is the Pilgrim’s/ Client’s responsibility to keenly follow disciplines eloquently with group etiquettes during the entire travel which involves sharing courtesies, hiking and camping while in the high altitudes of mountains and hostile environment, it also suggests utmost care of being respectful to escorting, caring staff since they work in hardships and braving hostile conditions for your cause and comforts, travelling with frequent groups human angel suggest even we reward them by our concerns often we reprimand them, wish refrain unless required.  We even request for your courtesy towards local people & their customs since they belong to remote areas most of the time they live in wilderness of mountains unlike our urban behavior and pursuit they are ethnic Nomads.


2)         Pilgrims/ Clients are responsible for complying with all the official formalities and requisites sought by the Nepalese and Chinese Government laws while these Govt. enforcement authorities en-route can check and anyone found carrying unlawful drugs, political propaganda pamphlets or fire-arm etc. will immediately be excluded from the tour and be responsible for his/her own cause and consequence for being legally reprimanded / repatriation etc. at their own costs and risks involved.


3)         Pilgrims/ Clients must care while subscribing for this Pilgrimage/ Tour that they are  in a fit health and exercising regimen, we suggest everyone to undergo proper  check-up and appropriate medical opinion before embarking for this  adventuresome pilgrimage tour- If you are Fit, Pilgrims tale & our experience suggest You accomplish invaluable enriching life-time health, wealth and divinity.      


4)         Ordinarily what is not expected we even notify, God forbid, lest there be any eventuality we suggest for our pilgrims / clients to take appropriate insurance cover for the emergency reasons arising medical expenses, rescue requisites, which may involve even the airlifting costs of chartering the Helicopter etc. – NTP is facilitated by best insurance covers by International insurance companies; you may get your choice of cover from NTP offices in Delhi however before the tour commences.    

5)         Extras (All that is not in the ‘Package Tour Fix Provisions’ is termed as ‘Extras’) required by the individual or the group participants / Pilgrim’s / Client’s will be their own responsibility to settle directly or request for our mediation however we as a group organizer can only assist in getting those ‘Extras’ required by the individual or the group participants owning no responsibility or the arising liability for such “Extra- Costs” / expenses occurring.

For participating in Pilgrimage/ Tours, as you acknowledge this document please reassure yourself that there is an element of risk in every adventure, sports or outdoor activities, and this particular Pilgrimage/ Tour has such elements of risks and dangers inherent in trekking and overland travel through hazardous or difficult terrains. All the unspecified fears of these inherent risks illness, loss of life or injury, are the potent threats in such terrains caused by the forces of nature and risk of human error / accidents.


You signing/ acknowledging this document is your confirmation of your total understanding that we the organizers, its Directors, agents and employees act only as the specific booking & reservation assignees for particular transportation companies, hotels and suppliers providing all the travel, tourism, adventure related goods and services what your pilgrimage/ tour requisites in Package would require you squarely discharge us for being liable/ responsible for all Extras out of Package Provisions whether it is any illness, personal injury or death, loss or damage of property, delays or additional expenses due to act of God, terrorism, Govt. restrictions or regulations, detentions, annoyance, quarantine, strikes, theft, disruption of advertised schedule, civil disturbances or change in transits or hotel services your assignment for us the organizers is being accepted as you honorably having understood to discharge  Nepal Tourism Package the Organizers A/c NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd., their directors, agents, employees and all other members from all the responsibilities/ liabilities emerging as Extras (other than package tour/pilgrimage contents) therefore all contemplated actions, claims or demand for damages that may result from your participation in this tour will be at your costs and risks. 


6)         Price and Refunds: Your tour consists of two different countries i.e. Nepal and Tibet; hence prices are calculated separately for each country in our package cost.


In case you or the group is compelled to reduce or extend your stay in Tibet or Nepal regions for unforeseen reasons however subsisting to your understanding , in such a situation and circumstances all such  extra stay/ transport or any requisite what is EXTRA *Other than package tour itinerary – NTP exchanged with money in your firmed-up pilgrimage itinerary & its content.

All such extras will be borne by each participant, payable directly or through us the organizers. No refunds will be given for unused portions of stay / change of transport/ rooms, meals, transportation and other arrangements since they are long-prepaid and subject to permit / visa, massive managements of HR & Logistics in the Tibet region where almost 90% of your paid amount is invested.

7)         The Tour Leader has the right to exercise dropping the particular member(s) out of tour if they are found to be any threat for themselves or the group participants or other grave reason, such drop-outs will be without any obligation to refund / adjust or acknowledge any liability whatsoever.  However making such drop-outs responsible/ liable for ‘Extras’ resultant extra payments (if so emerge) action of the Tour Manager will be ultimate and binding.

Cancellation Policy:

* Should Chinese authorities in their regulatory and administrative concern exercise their authority to disallow travel permit/ visa or restrictions for certain dates, areas, nationalities, shall be abiding by all of us the organizers and subscribers no claim in such a case for compensation will be entertained however the cancellation and refunds can be  followed as ritually as in terms.

*Should date changes and shuffle imposed by the Chinese/ Tibet authorities impact yatra itinerary, subscribers will have no claims on the us the organizers for their required changes in their to & fro travel tickets, leave from works, home and their personal managements to report at the new date and schedule for the yatra.   

* Should there be up-ward revision in foreign exchange rate it will become applicable to all bookings and the difference becomes payable.

* Rescheduling there be any reason whereby permits / visas are not provided by the Chinese for a certain period , or travel to the region is out of bounds, NTP will ensure in all such cases unforeseen though subscribers are accorded with high respect for their subscriptions and they are accommodated in the next travel dates to their best facilitations such  postponement are considered not as desired cancellations by the subscribers and their paid amount is absolutely adjusted in the next tour date, we even regard for no price revision for these shuffles.

*For any cause or the reason should there be any need for disputes settlement NTP Tourism Affairs Limited will abide and obey all that is ordained by the Honorable and designated courts, legal forums however we earnestly make it viable in legal terms that Delhi Courts & Legal forums are our company jurisdiction for all such challenges, settlements or claims.

Booking would be acknowledged upon receipt of the following:

  1. Booking form in original (duly filled, signed and stamped)
  2. Booking amount including non-refundable deposit.
  3. Two passport size photographs.
  4. Eight months valid passport in original from the date of return.
  5. On account of booking amount of INR 20,000/- for Indians & USD500 for NRI & Foreigners

Important Concerns related to the Booking

 Bookings & Itinerary Key Understanding

Process of Booking

To avail our travel services or to book a seat in one of our Fixed Departure Tour Packages to Kailash Mansarovar you can simply complete the Booking Form and send it to our office. Upon receiving confirmation from our office for availability of our services you must deposit registration fee though any source of payment mentioned on our website. Once you deposit the payments with us, please notify our office by sending a copy of payment deposit slip/reference.

Trip / Service Modifications

Please note Kailash Yatra trips operate in group shape only on fixed departure dates and fixed routes, therefore no amendment for individuals is permitted in China part specifically. However, for Kathmandu and other Nepal parts we welcome your requirements for upgradation of stay, food, transport etc. All additional expenses incurred for any upgradation or amendments shall be payable in advance by you. Such amendments or upgradation in service will be subject to availability and on direct payments basis. Our tour guides and local representatives will retain the right to accept or reject your demand for such change or upgradation and their decision will be last.

Last Minute Changes

Kailash Mansarovar trips are all pre-organised and in a shape of a group joining travel package. These trips require to obtain several restricted area permits, visa for the country of travel, advance purchase of flight/helicopter seats, advance arrangement of stay and food etc.; therefore making last minute changes in this trip will not be possible. If there is any last minute change in your own travel plan due to your personal priorities or any other unforeseen reasons at your end, any additional expense incurred will be taken care by you only and not the Company. For such reasons if you are excluded from the trip, no refund claim will be entertained. Unlike the above reason for last minute change, if the trip gets delayed or postponed due to any kind of unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to, delay in getting necessary travel permits or visa, change in the policy of trip organising authorities, industrial disputes, act of God, technical failure, flight delay, sickness, strike, riots etc. the additional expense for changing your flight tickets, additional stay and food or any other expense incurred on you has to be taken care by you only. The ‘Company’ shall not be set liable and responsible for the same. Also in such cases of unwanted delay in the trip, if you wish to cancel your trip, there will be no refund or adjustment of payments will be applicable.

Changes before the trip Commencement

Before the launch of the trip, if you wish to make any changes or if the changes are forced by the situations mentioned above, all additional expenses shall be on you only and not the ‘Company’. – refer to the form details mentioned above.

Changes during the conduction of the trip

Once the trip has launched and during the trip, due to your personal reason you demand any changes or even if the changes are forced by the unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to, delay in getting necessary travel permits or visa, change in the policy of trip organising authorities, industrial disputes, act of God, technical failure, flight delay, sickness, strike, riots etc.; all additional expenses incurred on your trip has to be paid by you only. The ‘Company’ shall take no responsibilities of such additional expenses. If the onward or return trip gets delayed, or if the route is changed by the guides or authorised person of the ‘Company’ due to any forced situation, or even if the trip gets cancelled in part or as a whole, the additional expense will be on you. There will be no refund for any unutilised services in such a situation.

Delay Before the commencement of the trip

The travel to Kailash Mansarovar is very unpredictable due to several climatic, technical, political, industrial and operational reasons. Delay in such trips due to the reasons mentioned are very common and widely known. It is highly recommended that you do not fix your family priorities, important business meetings, doctor appointments etc. near to your travel dates. Delay in grant of necessary travel permits and visa, delay in flights or road travel due to climatic disorder or other reason, delay in start of the trip due to other group participant/s, delay due to sickness of own or others, delay due to rush of travellers on the route etc. are beyond our control and in such situation you have to adjust your plans with the group only. All additional expenses incurred on you due to such a situation, will be payable by you only. Also if you express your inability to adjust yourself with the changed plan and if you wish to cancel your trip, no refund will be applicable.

If there is delay in the return date

As stated above, due to the unwanted delay or amendment in the trip itinerary or dates, if there are any additional expenses incurred on your travel, the same has to be paid by you only. The common additional expenses in such a situation are for additional hotel stay, additional food, additional ground transport, additional necessary permits, return flight/rail ticket change etc. Kindly ensure that you carry sufficient money with you to overcome such additional expenses.

Additional Services (during the Yatra)

All add on services will be subject to availability and on direct payment basis.

Payment Concerns

Quotation & tax Compliance

All our prices offered are as per the India Government tax liability. At present, Govt of India charges 5% GST on the bookings planned & levied sum (without input credit facility). Against all bookings and payments a service invoice is issued by our accounts department wherein GST is shown and charged separately. All our packages are including GST as per the company policy. All our quotes and offers are ‘inclusive’ of GST until specified in the quote. Foreign travellers traveling on a trip to Kailash Mansarovar without touching the Indian soil are not supposed to pay the GST as per the currently applicable law of Indian Govt.

Quote Variations

The price for the Yatra are inclusive of basic accommodation, vegetarian food, transport, guides, fuel charges, permits, visa etc. and we take utmost care for not increasing the price for trip during the year. But in the cases of hike in fuel price, Govt taxes/fee, visa/permit charges, currency exchange rate fluctuation, air fare increase, ground operator service fee increase and others which are beyond our control, NTP retains the right to increase the price of the trip or a part of the trip without any further notice at any time before or during your trip. You confirm that, on demand by the Company, you will pay such additional charges to the Company without fail.

Special promotions, schemes and discounts

All our special schemes and offers including early bird offer, last minute discount etc are based on full non-refundable payments basis, until specified unless. None of the two (or more) schemes/ offers / deals can be clubbed with each other or any other offer introduced by us. All such schemes and offers introduced by us are only promotional offers and the terms of the scheme/s can be changed anytime thereafter without assigning any notice. We also retain the right to withdraw or modify the offers/scheme anytime without assigning any notice. It is totally at our discretion to confirm or reject any booking under such schemes. To bring more travellers, we keep floating attractive schemes and offers which may be seen on our website or in our promotional advertisements. While making the query with us, you clearly need to mention the details of our special offer under which you wish to book the trip. Services and bookings for all schemes and offers are subject to availability only. Trips once booked cannot be shifted to any other offer/scheme introduced by us at a later stage. Such deals and offers are a part of our marketing strategy and we retain the right to decide upon the price of the yatra. No claim whatsoever will be entertained in this regard. All bookings, cancellations and refunds will be only as per the booking agreement signed between the Company and travellers.

Cancellation- Force Majeure

Force Majeure Cancellation While making arrangements for your yatra, our experts take utmost care to provide you with best available information and best possible services to ensure a successful and safe journey for you. However, we do not take any responsibility for cancelation or amendment or delay of the yatra (or any part/s of the journey) due to reasons beyond our control including weather conditions, natural hazard, industrial disputes, technical failures, road conditions, flight delay/cancellations, political reasons, sudden notifications/announcement from concerned Govt. bodies or authorities, riots, strikes, medical reasons etc. No refund is applicable in such cases and also in such cases during or before the commencement of the yatra, if any additional expense occurs the same shall be paid by the traveller/s only. It is to be noticed by the travellers that the trips to Mt. Kailash are organised in a very remote area where very basic amenities are available for stay and food etc. and the level of uncertainty of Kailash trip is high due to its climatic conditions, diplomatic/political reasons etc. Our partners and expert team ensures success and fulfilment of the trip but the same is always under the discretion of the local authorities and Chinese Govt. While you contact us for your yatra bookings, you confirm having carefully read, understood and accepted the above mentioned cancellation policy of the Company.

Services which remain unutilized

The packages available on our website are offered in as-in shape or with possible modification as may be requested by the traveller. Please note that there shall be no refund applicable for any unutilized service, until approved in writing by one of our managers or staff in advance at the time of cancelation. The customers accept not to have any right to claim such refunds against unutilized service/s.

 Health Declaration

While booking the yatra with us, you declare that you are in good health with good mental and physical condition since you are aware of the fact that Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar trip is a challenging task and operates in a very high altitude with tough climatic conditions and very limited availability of tourism facilities. You confirm that you have informed NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. in writing, about all your medical issues/problems which you are aware of. You confirm that the Company and/or its owners, directors, partners, staff, associates etc. shall not be kept responsible for any issue pertaining to your health or/and loss of health/life and any additional expenses incurred due to such a case.

 Insurance Concerns

Travel and health insurance are not included in our trip price and it is the responsibility of the traveller to carry valid insurance for Kailash Yatra and other trips. Make sure that you are fully insured for the entire duration of the yatra in respect of sickness, illness, injury, death, loss of personal belongings, emergency expenses and cancelation / changes of flight or trip.


In cases of our prices including the airline ticket charges, we retain the right to change the yatra packaged price any time before the commencement of the trip in case of any increase in air ticket price by the airline or issuance of another flight tickets due to cancelation of the flights by airline. Any cancelation / change in the flight schedule is not the responsibility of NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. and yatra cancelled due to such reasons shall not be considered as yatra cancelled by the Company. During Kailash Heli trip and Muktinath trip, our price includes return flight tickets and chopper charges for Kathmandu –Nepalgunj-Simikot-Hilsa and Pokhara-Jomsom-Pokhara sector but any additional expense incurred due to delay or cancelation in flight/helicopter service the same shall be borne by the travellers only.

 Accommodation & Food

Kailash Mansarovar trips are operated in high mountains in far remote lands of Tibet and the trips include 3 star hotels in Kathmandu for overland trips, 3 to 4 star hotels in Kathmandu for helicopter trips and 3 star hotels in Lhasa. At some places like Nepalgunj, Taklakot, Shigatse, Darchen, Saga some hotels or guest houses offer 3 star equivalent services but a flood of travellers might create a shortage in availability of those specific hotels/guest houses and we will offer the next best available hotel/guest house only. It is suggested that you do not carry expectations for any sort of high comfort or luxuries and adjust with the best possible services made available by our local partners/guides/escorts. At most places except Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, Lhasa the stay will be dormitory style and you will be sharing a room with your co-travellers. No choice for single room / double room / family room / privacy can be entertained. Also take a note that the toilets and bathrooms are not up to the mark and clean sometime, even in the reputed guest houses/hotels and the travellers will have to manage with this situation, if occurs.

Pure vegetarian buffet food is served on Kailash trips. From 2017-18 on Kailash Manasarovar route food is organized in the hotels/guest houses by the local authorities only and they follow their own timings and menu. It is the responsibility of the traveller to reach the restaurant during designated time for food. Be aware that rush of the travellers may create acute shortage of food and water supply even in those restaurants.

 Refund Procedure

All refunds approved by our authorised manager or staff shall be paid via cheque or bank transfer only (no cash) in Indian Rupees, within a time limit of 30 days after receiving the same from Nepal/China counterparts/service providers. All refunds will be made after deducting bank fee/charges, company service charges and other charges as may occur.

  Right of the Company

Keeping into consideration the uncertain and unpredictable nature of Kailash Mansarovar travel, you accept to book a trip with us under the condition, that NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. reserves the right:

Important note: It is to be noted that in the event of change/postponement/cancellation of the trip dates or route or services due to unforeseen / unavoidable reasons, no-refund or compensation shall be applicable for the unutilized services and also all additional expense incurred on your travel shall be payable by you only and not the Company. You release the Company from any such future claim or demand by you.

Right to reject and exclusion from the trip

NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. retains the right to reject any booking without assigning any reason thereof at any point of time. Also during the trip the company, its guides and escorts will retain the right to reject any traveller from the trip and exclude him/her from the tour immediately if he/she is not following the law of the land, creating unbearable and /or unethical atmosphere, norms of the trip or not behaving in a proper manner, interfering or creating problems in the job of our guides and escort, not complying with the manner with other members on the trip including our guides or escort or other staff etc. If excluded from the trip, all expenses for further return journey from the point of exclusion will be taken care by the traveller himself/herself and no refund whatsoever for unutilized services will be applicable.

Waiver of liability & Risk Assumptions

While booking the tour to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, you acknowledge having understood completely and accepted to assume all possible risks associated in this highly unpredictable and challenging trip in far Himalayan Mountains. You confirm that NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. has made you aware of the same through its websites / brochures / publications and during the course of written or telephonic conversation. You confirm that in the event of illness, accident, inclement climatic conditions, political disturbance, technical failures, flight rescheduling, industrial disputes, riots, strikes and other reasons beyond the control of the Company, you will not held NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. and its owners or directors, agents, guides, offices, staff, associates etc. liable for any loss or damage to an individual or his/her belongings etc. In the consideration of NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. accepting your booking and including you in its tour you confirm and release NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd., its owners or directors, agents, guides, offices, staff, associates and other all representatives / persons engaged in organization of the trip from all liability, cost, injury, damage incurred or suffered by you directly or indirectly before or during the course of the trip and resulting to personal injury, loss, illness, death or damage to a person or its properties / belongings etc. You accept to be aware and liable for any danger and risks associated with this trip and you confirm not to make any claim or demand any compensation against NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd.. Its owners or directors, agents, guides, offices, staff, associates etc. You understand that the trip to Kailash Mansarovar is a challenging adventure filled uncertainties and with high risks, and you accept that you are travelling on your own free will and at your own risk.

You are aware that the Company does not guarantee for exactness and accuracy of the information and services offered to you. For example, the pictures of the hotel, road conditions, distance, weather information, vehicles conditions, flights, places etc may differ from its current conditions. We do our utmost to offer the best possible information and services but we do not and cannot guarantee that the same will match with your perception or imagination.

 Liability of the Company

We take utmost care and ensure to provide you all the services offered in the package and promised to you. In case of non-delivery of any service arrangements (in part or full) due to the fault of our employee / representative; we will compensate the same subject to the limited liability to the cost paid by you to us for that particular service / item. However, we do not accept any responsibility for fault of any third party such as hotel staff, transporter, drivers, guides, escorts, porters etc. We also do not take any responsibility for any delay in the trip due to delay from the transporters or inefficient service from the hotels and their staff. We only act as an intermediary to arrange your travel, we therefore will not be responsible for your acts, misdemeanour, omission and we will also not be responsible for damage or loss of your personal belongings and travel documents etc. before, during or after the trip.

 Third Party Disputes

NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. while organizing your trips act as a travel consultant and organizer of the trip. We do not own airlines, hotels, vehicles, guides; escorts etc. thus will not be responsible for any dispute between the client and these (or any other) party/parties or their management or office or staff etc. However, we shall offer our interference and cooperation to resolve such issues in peace but will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage to anyone’s belongings, health, life etc. We take no responsibility for the actions and behaviour of the third party.

  Loss, Theft, Damage of goods

It is the responsibility of the traveller to take care of his/her belongings especially the valuable items such as luggage, camera, clothing, mobile phone and other material / items. We take no responsibility for loss, theft or damage of your belongings. In the event of loss, theft or damage of the goods, the traveller must inform the insurer.

 Other Terms

All other terms supplied to you during the course of correspondence by our office and others mentioned in Registration Form and other documents signed by you will apply to your bookings in addition to those mentioned above.

 Local Jurisdiction

All disputes arising out of this agreement are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi, India.


I have read and understood the terms and conditions set in this publication, the Reservation Form thereby agreeing to sign it of my own free will.

I agree to all stated conditions & obligations set forth herein, including all limitations of liabilities, I also understand and accept that general flexibility is needed for adventure tours of this type and release our tour organizer M/s Nepal Tourism Package Company in agreement A/c NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd., its Directors, agents and employees from all liabilities for any illness, personal injury or death, loss or damage of property, delay or alteration in program or any additional expenses due to act of God, terrorism, Govt. restrictions & regulations, strikes, theft etc. Assumption of all risks and agency agreements.

I agree to bear the full costs for any medical expenses incurred and any emergency evacuation including airlift by helicopter or extra hospitalities, ground transports or any other extra requisites.

I also declare that in case of emergency, all medical and rescue transportation’s expenses arise for me will be paid by me or by my nominee in my absence  

Other Terms

All other terms supplied to you during the course of correspondence by our office and others mentioned in Registration Form and other documents signed by you will apply to your bookings in addition to those mentioned above.

Essential Understanding: The above terms are designed based on the nature of the trip operated by us in extreme tough conditions and circumstances and our past experiences. Please read our trip brochure and all terms mentioned in ‘Registration Form & Booking Agreement’ before placing your booking. We suggest that you should not proceed with bookings if you do not agree to the above terms or any part or clause of the above terms.

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