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Date: April 28, 2022

Importance of Pind Daan & Asthi Visarjan

Pind Daan Ritual is a prayerperformed in the  name of ancestors onthe banks of Holy River “Ganga” but the religious importance of performing PindDaan lies at different locations and have almost similar belief at differentlocations like Haridwar, Gaya, Varanasi, Prayag (Sangam), Nashik, Kurushetraand many more..


It is said that when theperson dies, his soul goes in prêt yoni instead of pita yoni and remainsattached to this materialistic world. It is a time of great pain for the soulas he wonders here and there on this earth in search of salvation. It is onlyafter Pind Daan, the soul enters Pitra Yoni from Pret Yoni (Atma to Parmatma)and if pind daan is not performed on the name of departed one his soul willremain in prêt yoni till eternity. That is why it is mandatory in Hinduism toperform the ritual of Pind Daan so that the departed soul can attain salvationand enters pitra yoni. It is also said that once you perform pind daan to yourancestors you will be freed from Pitra Rin (debt of ancestors) and by the graceof your ancestors it will bring good fortune and happiness to your family andyou will feel ultimate mental satisfaction and own salvation and karma.


NTP Tirith Puja team ensureall the end to end services where we provide complete tour (stay, transport)and puja to the client where facilitate – provide genuine priests/panda in thebelow mentioned sacred cities of India to the people who want to visit thesecities for the purpose of pind daan and related services.  Our team will personally monitor the entireevent in the city and organize “Pandit” ,” Places” and all Puja elements (PujaItems, Vidhi, Mantra) as per your need and community like Punjabi, Marwari,Gujrati, Tamil, Bengalis, Maharashtrian etc.


If your family follows acertain procedure of offering prayers then that would be followed to ensureyour satisfaction. If you do not know the procedure then our in house panditswill make you aware of the process and perform all the rituals as mentioned inthe Hinduism.


Pinddaan in Gaya

Pinddaan in  Varanasi

Pinddaan in Allahabad

Pinddaan in Haridwar

Pinddaan in Mathura

Pinddaan in Nashik

Pinddaan in Ayodhya

Haridwar Pind Daan


Haridwar is one of theholiest places in the country and is an ideal location for Pind Daan and allother religious offerings and considered to be sacred by our Vedic sages


As the name, Haridwar isderived from “HARI” (GOD) and “DWAR” (Gate) it means the gate to reach thedivine almighty. This is also the starting point of Char Dham Yatra (Journey toBadrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri) and it is the main reason theplace got its name.


As Prayag (Allahabad),Haridwar is also one of the four places where drops of Amrit, the philtre ofimmortality, fell from heaven and the place is made famous for Kumbha Mela.During Kumbha Mela, millions of devotees from different part of the world camehere to wash away their sins by taking a holy dip in the Ganges and byperforming different rituals.  Daily inthe evening world famous Ganga Aarti (prayer) is performed at Har Ki Pauri(steps of Lord Shiva) on the bank of river Ganges and is an enchantingexperience for all the visitors.


Haridwar is one of theholiest places in the country and is an ideal location for PindDaan and allother religious offerings. We offer good services for making your Pind Daan atHaridwar successful. Our organized pundits are well versed and specialize inPindDaan pujas. Our services are aiming at for the people who wish to fulfilltheir duties towards their ancestors as a minimal economic cost.


Pind Daan in Gaya


Gaya is the most preferreddestination in the country for Pind Daan. In Mahabharata, the place has beenidentified as Gayapuri. The origin of the name ‘Gaya’ as referred to in VayuPurana is that Gaya was the name of a demon (Asura) whose body was pious afterhe performed rigid penance and secured blessings from Vishnu. It was said thatthe Gayasura’s body would continue to be known as Gaya Kshetra. The Pind Daandone at Gaya is also considered a personal way to make offerings on footprintsof Lord Vishnu, thus ensuring all departed souls of our ancestors rest in peacepermanently In paramdham.


NTP Tirath Puja hasexcellent facilities that ensure a comfortable stay for you. Our pandits dutifullyguide you with the correct procedures for Pind Daan with no estuation inminimal budget.


 Pind Daan in Nashik


Nashik  Trimbakeshwar is also a preferred place forPinddaan owing to the sanctity and holiness of the place. Like Allahabad andHaridwar, Nashik is also famous for hosting Kumbh Mela in which millions ofpeople gather to take a holy dip in river Godavari. In the lunar month of Maghwhen Sun and Jupiter are in Leo (Singh Rashi) zodiac sign, Kumbh Mela is heldat Trimbakeshwar in Nasik. The two bathing ghats, Ramkund and Kushavarta holyreservoirs appreciate faith and belief of thousands of sadhus, holy men andmillions of pilgrims as they take dips in holy River The Godavari on thespecific date and at a specific time.


Trimbakeshwar in Nashik isbest known amongst the Maharastra’n belt for Pinddaan owing to the sanctity andholiness of the place. Being a well known holy place of India, Trimbakeshwar isone among the 12 Jyotirlingas. We not only offer the best services to ensurethe success of your PindDaan but also charge the best prices for the same. Weare versed and understand the emotion and sentiments involved in PindDaan andthus do not charge extravagant or over and above prices for our services. Weprovide Pooja specific priests to all our visitors and our priest partners inNashik are well known for their knowledge and proficiency in afterdeath-related rituals. Trimbakeshwar temple is also famous for NarayanbaliPooja, which should be performed in case of unnatural death of human being.


Pind Daan Services inVaranasi


Varanasi i.e., Benaras or Kashi is famous asthe Madhya sthaan i.e., centre for cultural and spiritual knowledge in India.The spiritual sanctity of the place can be understood by the fact that ifpeople give up mortal life in the city they attain moksha i.e. freedom fromrebirth and attain moksha (relief from the karmic birth cycle).  The Pishachmochankund in the city is verypopular for PindDaan as doing any religious activity in the city is believed toreach the heavens aboard and be accepted.


Banaras or Kashi is theholiest place on this planet earth for Hindus. Situated on the bank of holyriver Ganga it is considered as the spiritual capital of India and also calledas the centre for cultural and spiritual knowledge in India. The holiness ofthe place can be understood by the fact that if people give up mortal life inthe city they attain moksha i.e. freedom from rebirth and move on to thebeautiful stages of afterlife. It is holiest of seven cities known for givingMoksh. Pilgrims from all over the world daily visit Kashi for offering prayerto Lord Shiva at Kashi Vishwanath temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India.Apart from Kashi Vishwanath temple, the city is considered to be home ofthirty-three crore god and goddesses.


Pind Daan in Varanasi isconsidered as the path of salvation and it is believed that ancestors getultimate satisfaction if pind daan is performed at Kashi. The city is known formany Pundits and Acharyas who are expert in Pind Daan and other relatedrituals. Pind Daan in Banaras is generally performed at the Ganga Ghats.Correct vidhi as you carry out your responsibility for the deceased souls ofyour family members By the priest arranged by NTP Tirath Puja .


 Pind Daan Service in Mathura


Mathura is situated on thebank of river Yamuna is considered as the birthplace of Lord Krishna and alsoknow with the name of Braj Bhoomi.


Mathura is one of the sevensacred places considered holy according to Hindu Mythology. Vrindavan town islocated just 11 km away from Mathura. And considered the home town of lordKrishna in his youth. Mathura is also one of the oldest city of India as itsname is mentioned in the oldest Indian epic, Ramayana. According to Ramayana,the city was claimed by the brother of Rama, Shatrughna, by killing the demonking of Mathura.  As the home of Krishna,the city is adorned with various Hindu temples


Mathura is also consideredas the city of Moksha (salvation) and people from different part of India visitMathura for performing Pind Daan to their ancestors. We provide genuine priestswho are expert in performing different Hindu rituals are also famous forkeeping Hindu gynaecology record for the devotees who visit them. VishrantiTirth/Vishram tirth is the place for conducting important rituals. It isbelieved that one who takes bath in this pond gets right to stay in the realmof lord Vishnu. The puja and tarpan done here of devtas & pitras is alsoconsidered highly pious.


Other than this, Bodhinitirth is also an important place for doing Pind Daan and it is said thatoffering Pind here paves the way to heaven for all deceased ancestors. Anotherimportant place for conducting Pind Daan here is Vayutirth. There is a beliefthat the benefits derived from doing Pind Daan here during the month ofJyeshtha have the same importance as the Pind Daan has done at Gaya.


Pind Daan in Ayodhaya,Varanasi


 The location Lord Ram (Ramayana Circuit beginhere)  was born is one of the holiestcities in the country and is very popular among people who want to do PindDaan.


As mentioned in the HinduMythology, Ayodhya is the birthplace of Rama (seventh incarnation of LordVishnu) and is considered as one of the most sacred places on this planetearth. It is located on the bank of the river Saryu (Ghaghara) is about 10 kmfrom Faizabad city. Ayodhya was also called Saket at the time of Buddha. Theplace is famous for many temples like Hanumangarhi, Nageshwarnath, Devkali,Kanakbhavan, etc.  During the festival ofRamnavami (Birthdate of Lord Ram) the city is decorated with lights and flowersand attracts devotees from all over the world.


Pilgrims from different partsof India reach here during the season of Pitrupaksh to perform Pind Daan inAyodhya at the bank of the river Saryu. We arrange the best possible andknowledgeable pandits of Ayodhya who are devoted to the cause for generations.


Pind Daan in Allahabad


The auspicious significanceof the Allahabad sangam makes it an ideal place to offer prayers for thedeceased souls.


Well known Triveni Sangam atAllahabad is a place of confluence of three major rivers of India i.e. Ganga,Yamuna and mythical Saraswati. It is believed that at the time of SamudraManthan (Stirring of Ocean)  when Amritcame out from the ocean, there was a fight between demons and gods for thatAmrit and during that fight, few drops of Amrit fell on the earth and Prayag(Presently Allahabad/ Prayag) is one of the four places where that dropsfell.  That is why Prayag is also calledas king of all the Tirth (Tirth Raj Prayag in Hindi) and is one of the mostsacred places for Pind Daan in India. Pind Daan at Prayag is generally performed at the bank of river Ganga orthe Yamuna or at the Sangam site itself.


The place is also famous forhistoric Kumbh Mela which held after every 12 years and at that time crores ofHindus from different corners of the world come here to take a holy dip in theSangam.  At the time of Kumbh MelaAllahabad becomes the most populous city of the world.


The sanctity of theAllahabad Sangam makes it an ideal place to offer the prayers for the deceasedsouls. The holy chants and knowledge of our pundits ensure that your offeringsreach their desired destination as conducting the puja with a proper correctprocedure that is the key to ensure its appropriacy.

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