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Date: 27-01-2023

Laryngeal Cancer Treatment in India

Laryngeal cancer, also known as throat cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the larynx (voice box). In India, laryngeal cancer is relatively common, with a high prevalence rate in certain regions. Treatment for laryngeal cancer in India typically involves a combination of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.


The first step in treating laryngeal cancer is to accurately diagnose the condition. This typically involves a physical examination, which may include a laryngoscopy (examination of the larynx using a special instrument) and a biopsy (removal of a small sample of tissue for examination under a microscope). Other diagnostic tests, such as imaging scans (such as CT or MRI), may also be used to determine the stage of the cancer and whether it has spread to other parts of the body.


Surgery is often the first line of treatment for laryngeal cancer. The type of surgery used will depend on the location and stage of the cancer, as well as the patient's overall health. Some common types of surgery used to treat laryngeal cancer include:

Partial laryngectomy: This procedure involves removing the cancerous portion of the larynx, along with some surrounding healthy tissue. This can be done either through an incision in the neck (open surgery) or through the mouth (endoscopic surgery).

Total laryngectomy: This procedure involves removing the entire larynx. This is typically only done in advanced cases of laryngeal cancer.

Larynx-preserving surgery: This type of surgery aims to remove the cancerous tissue while preserving as much of the larynx as possible. This can help to preserve the patient's ability to speak and swallow.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy involves using high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells. This treatment can be used alone or in combination with surgery. The radiation can be delivered externally (from a machine outside the body) or internally (through a small tube placed inside the larynx).


Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. It can be used alone or in combination with surgery or radiation therapy. The drugs used in chemotherapy are designed to target rapidly dividing cancer cells, but they can also harm normal cells in the body. This can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and fatigue.

laryngeal cancer hospital in India

India is home to some of the world's leading cancer hospitals, offering state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge treatments. Many of these hospitals have a dedicated team of specialists who are highly skilled in treating laryngeal cancer. They have the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

The cost of laryngeal cancer treatment in India is also relatively affordable compared to other countries. The cost of treatment can vary depending on the type and stage of cancer, as well as the treatment plan recommended by the doctor. However, on average, the cost of laryngeal cancer treatment in India is significantly lower than in the United States or Europe. This is because the cost of healthcare in India is generally lower than in developed countries.

The treatment options available for laryngeal cancer in India include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. The type of treatment recommended will depend on the stage and location of the cancer, as well as the patient's overall health. Surgery is the most common treatment for laryngeal cancer, and it may involve the removal of part or all of the larynx. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are often used in combination with surgery to help destroy any remaining cancer cells.

In addition to traditional treatment options, some laryngeal cancer hospitals in India also offer alternative therapies such as Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. These therapies can help to reduce stress and improve overall well-being during treatment.

When choosing a laryngeal cancer hospital in India, it's important to consider factors such as the reputation of the hospital, the experience and qualifications of the doctors, and the availability of the latest technology and equipment. Researching the hospital's success rates for laryngeal cancer treatment is also important.

Overall, India is a great option for laryngeal cancer treatment, offering high-quality care at an affordable cost. With its state-of-the-art facilities, skilled medical professionals, and a variety of treatment options, a laryngeal cancer hospital in India can provide excellent care for patients with this condition.

Please note that this is a general overview and the treatment option may vary depending on various factors. It is always best to consult a qualified medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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