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Date: SEPTEMBER 9, 2021

Why Is Asthi Visarjan Important?

In the Hinduism spiritual tradition for the dearly departed loved ones, the holy writings such as the Vedas prescribe a last stage to achieve the complete repose of the Hindu mortal soul. The Hindu sacred scriptures state that the soul’s journey does not become complete without the last resting homage. The religious obligation of Asthi Visarjan is performed in a prescribed manner and as soon as possible. Family and ancestors are very significant to Hindu families, as much as religious obligations are. Asthi Visarjan for Non-Resident Indians remains important to the surviving members of the family, no matter where in the world they are located, and faced with the constraints of distance to Varanasi and the sacred Ganges River where Asthi Visarjan is prescribed to be performed. We offer a way for Hindu families outside of India to fulfill the religious commitment of Asthi Visarjan in India. Read more about the required Hindu sacred ceremony for the deceased.

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